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  1. Taran says:
    That's how it is on this bitch of an Earth!" Reply. Jul 2, RealAdamSandler Professional Filmographer. adam sandler rping as adam lion arives scratching his head "who am i?" Reply. Jul 2, DEADRKGK Hobbyist Digital Artist. Buff Luigi stomps over to adam lion and hands him a tiny weight. "You're not buff enough for this Bitch of an.
  2. Vubei says:
    May 21,  · That's how people get fucked up! {*scratched*: "Niggas, crackers, whities, jews.."} This is how it happens to you That's how people get fucked up! [Kuniva] Yo, if you a loudmouth, trying to wild out.
  3. Tygogar says:
    that's (just) the way it goes There is nothing we can do to change or prevent the way things have unfolded or will unfold; this is just the normal way things happen. Usually said of negative events or outcomes that are or seem unfair. A: "So you mean after nearly a year of hard work, all my profits are going to taxes? That's bull!" B: "Yep, but that's.
  4. Tadal says:
    Sep 25,  · Hi! So I'm writing a paper and I'm saying, "Darfur is a region of western Sudan thats government is " My question is about the "that"-- should it be "that's" (even though that means "that is") or "thats" (with no apostrophe)? My computer says it should be "that's", but I need a serious, concrete answer for the correct grammar. Thank you!
  5. Kagor says:
    That’s How It Is Lyrics. Well I hear shoutin'. And Crowds a cheering. There's so much laughter. I feel so high I think. I'll not come down. For ever after. Thoughts in my head. Gonna dance high.
  6. Samuzilkree says:
    when something happens and a comment is made, the reply "oh, is that how it is?" founded by the clipston click.
  7. Kigami says:
    Short lived jazzdance label run by James Lavelle, Gilles Peterson & Janine Neye. That’s How It Is! was the club started by Gilles Peterson and James Lavelle in at Bar Rumba, London, ’til [l].
  8. Kikinos says:
    「意味」そういうものだ。というわけだ。 ※Thatは,このフレーズの前の話の内容を指しています. 「というわけだ。」という訳になるのは,自分が何かを説明した後に,自分でThat's how it is.と付け加える場合です. 「英会話例文」 But if love.

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